Virtual Farmstand

The Farmstand is Not Open!

But don’t worry, you can still find items at, to order year-round.

Located at: 1168 New Hampton Rd, Sanbornton, NH

Contact us now with special planting requests

We will have horseradish, tomato plants, and lettuce available out of the garden. We have Maple Syrup, right now from last season! More coming very soon as we anticipate a flow starting the first week of March.

For more details about products, or to request that we plant something special for you, feel free to contact us. You can e-mail Cedar at:  cedarlili at metrocast dot com

We will have hanging pots with Patio Tomatoes in them again this year! We will start them in the greenhouse, and start selling them in June. The edible hanging baskets are $8 each.

Yummy Edibles!

Horseradish for the bold cook. We have field grown roots, fresh dug for you.

We will be cutting lettuce and greens in the greenhouse in April. Because they are very perishable, if you want some. let me know and we will cut it just before you come to pick it up.

Asparagus, Rhubarb, and green Aracauna hen eggs! Pretty Spring Produce!

Lettuce ready to go soon - we are planting mesclun mix greens every week, now, for a continual crop.

Maple Syrup!

You can choose from the Fancy, the lightest, earliest syrup; Amber, the darker, more strongly-flavored maple syrup; and Bakery grade, the darkest, most strongly flavored syrup.

Quart – $18

Pint – $12

Leaf bottles (100 ml) – $6

Tree bottle  – $10

Gladiana watching maple sap boil in the evaporator.

Jams and jellies to provoke memories of Summer sweetness.

A visual of the three grades of syrup - Fancy, Amber, and Bakery.


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