Berry Season is Open!

As of the first of July we are picking raspberries and blueberries! We don’t have a lot of either yet, so I will be freezing small batches until we get enough for a batch of jam, but if you want some at the farmstand let me know and I’ll pick for you! Keep in mind our blueberries are the little wild ones, so rich in flavor and goodness.


Poultry and More

The pigs are getting bigger.


The little ducklings are getting bigger, and we moved them outside.


Chickens in the shade, the rooster is named Theodore.


We've moved all the fowl into an electric fenced area to keep them safer.


The farmstand motto

Ducks and the Farmstand Opening

The bumblebees are all over the honeysuckle, and it emits a low, mellow humming.

We found a nest in a bucket. Trouble is, I don't know how old those eggs are.

Ducks squirt water out of their bills while drinking.

I’d been trying to figure out why the ducks were so messy, and realized that they spray water out the back of their bills while they drink. While this is ideal for filtering water weeds to eat, not so much in the brooder. We are moving these messy guys outside! We put up a little fence paddock for the big ducks. They chased the little ducks when I tried to put them in with them. We’ll have to wait a while before combining the flock. We now have nine Khaki Campbells and four Pekins. According to Juliet’s research, the pekins are two boys and two girls, and thebig Khaki is a male. We shall see.

The sign is out - the farmstand is open!

The big ducks enjoy the great outdoors.

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