Planting the Garden and Distractions

I’ve been working on getting the garden planted. I had a ton of melon and squash starts to get in, finished those today. I planted cucumbers, golden and blue Hubbard squash, watermelon sugar baby, Melons Jenny Lind, Crenshaw, Sweet Granite, Pixie, Charentais, and one that Johann lost the label to. I put in butternut squash and zucchini and yellow summer squash. Then I planted four tomatoes from the greenhouse, because we have way too many already, and I’ll put in a few more later today. We’ve put up electric mesh fence around the garden, and I made a big enough enclosure to keep the chicks in the chookabago inside it to keep the fox away. We had the dickens of a time getting the fence hot last night. Our portable charger was corroded, we couldn’t find a battery for another portable, so we finally set up and wired the big one that plugs in. I learned how to use the weed whacker with brush blade attachment. Exciting! Now that we have the enclosure up and hot, I can move all the poultry into it. I also did some prowling around the farm finding birds to take pictures of, we have so many birds.

I started these inside about 2 weeks ago.


The garden is now enclosed with electric fence to deter the groundhog and other pests


I melted holes in the 6mil plastic with a little blow torch.


The baby Phoebes in the rabbitry are getting big - they'll fly soon.


The chicks are loving their new freedom and green stuff to eat.


I found a Robin's nest in the plum thicket.


Spring is the Time for Babies

Here on the farm, we find babies under the very big rhubarb leaves!

We finally have some sun! It’s been a long and rainy couple of weeks, so it was delightful to wake up to sunshine this morning. Johann and I made the rounds of the farm, checking on critters and harvesting from the garden. A well-established perennial garden means you can begin harvesting in mid-May, not July. We grow asparagus and rhubarb, and harvest dandelions (which you could plant if for some reason you didn’t already have them) long before any seeds will have time to sprout and grow. Here on Stonycroft, we do start ahead of time, and my flats of seeds are rapidly becoming starts. It never ceases to amaze me how fast seeds grow once they start to sprout. I will be able to transplant my starts in a week. Not bad for planting in Mid-May!

Just a couple of days ago there wasn't even green showing yet.

We have new little things all over the farm. The phoebe eggs hatched. The baby birds look otherworldly right now.

Brand new baby birds barely have any feathers.

The baby bunnies are growing fast. They jump around in their box and their eyes are just opening. We’ve been attempting to re-breed the other does. It’s not supposed to be hard to breed rabbits! We won’t get attached to these babies, as our rabbits are for fur and meat. The kids have trouble with that, as they are so cute.

Their eyes are just barely opening.

Three of the new hens. Silver Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, and Blue Aracauna

The lilacs are in full bloom, all across New Hampshire. Ours smell heavenly!

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